Azonic Kamikaze Venom Fullface Helmet

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The Azonic Kamikaze Venom Helmet – hard to find, but we have them in stock!

Azonic makes helmets for BMX and/or Downhill mountain biking, and the Azonic Kamikaze Venom is the flagship fullface helmet in the line. In stock and shipped the same day at XSportsProtective, buy your new Azonic Helmet today!

Azonic is the bike division of O’Neal Motocross, a household name in motocross gear since 1970. Like O’Neal does with its motocross products, Azonic offers superbly engineered, incredibly strong components for mountain bikes, the critical components at stress points where the bike takes its biggest beating – the bike frame, its wheels, pedals, bars, and stem. The same is true for their helmets. Azonic full-face helmets are well engineered and very strong. They provide excellent head protection in a sport where superior head protection is an absolute necessity.

Published by xsportsblog on April 12th, 2012
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