Skateboard Safety Gear and Skateboard Protective Gear – Gear up and stay safe!

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Skateboard Safety Gear and Skateboard Protective Gear – essential gear to keep you or your kids safe this summer!

The most important pieces of skateboard safety gear that you need are:

  • A Skateboard Helmet. First priority has to go to your head. Unfortunately, we hear about tragic skateboard safety accidents quite often. Head injuries may not be frequent, but when they happen they are often catastrophic. Wear a helmet, period.
  • Skateboard pads, including skate knee pads and skate elbow pads. No, you won’t die from a banged up knee, but an injury to your knee or elbow can sideline you from skateboarding for days, weeks, or even months. They’re pretty inexpensive, and skate knee pads and skate elbow pads do their jobs well.
  • Skateboard Padded Shorts. Stealthy, but awesome protection, skateboard padded shorts allow you to try new tricks and heights knowing that your hips and tailbone areas have a layer of protection. Skate padded shorts are a great additional to your skateboard safety gear bag.

Skateboard protective gear, including skateboard helmets, offer good protection at a reasonable cost, so order your new skateboard protective gear today from XSportsProtective – the leader in action sports protective gear

Published by XSP Staff on May 29th, 2009
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